I am working hard. As if working full time, having kids and running races isn’t enough fun, I accepted a graphic design assignment. I don’t know what I was thinking. But I hate lay outing power points and footnotes!!

Luckily, I squeeze some time out for enjoying drawing. And now even for a short blogpost, friends!

I’ve been drawing not only with pen & watercolor, but I also discovered digital coloring, but drawing with a so called Boogie Board:

dig1 dig2 dig11 dig30 dig31 dig40 dig41

I applied this to a few quotes too! They were drawn by chinese ink, but it’s a lot less messier to color them digitally. And I have my fixed palette, so there no big surprises with matching colors (which I still prefer to do with traditional media).

quo quo2

Also, I had some good old drawing nights, with ink and experimenting with gouache, straight from my soul.

IMG_2616 IMG_2617

Then, I had a fun illustration assignment. I can only show this work in progress, as the client hasn’t published the finished drawing yet.


And last but not least, I entered my last MATS e-course from the lovely Lilla Rogers. I know the workflow by now and produced a Christmas card around the theme ‘cookies’ in two evenings. They’re off to the printers, envelopes and matching stamps ordered! Soon available in my Etsy shop!

cookies1 cookiesmas cookiesxmasfinal

Oh and, for dessert of this post: fall is there! So to end this post, a few lovely berries for you. 🙂



One thought on “COOKIE & BERRIE JOY

  1. Hey I really like some your drawings. especially the watercolors. It reminds me of my own drawing techniques. very innocent but effective. Please come see my paintings on wordpress and follow my blog. I am following yours. and I would like maybe….some feedback with your opinion to my own work. thank you.
    -Carmen Cacalano

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