Between Color and Black & White

Wow, it’s been a year since my last post. That happens sometimes!

2019 – It’s been a crazy year…

  • I got a new job, a parttime one, to give myself time focus on my Fennabee Illustrations & Prints. The new job absorbed me more in the beginning, but it’s a very cool job, as campaigner for de Fietsersbond, a lobby organisation for cyclists in Brussels & the Flemish part my country. But I also got some nice assignments for Fennabee. Smashed my goals -to earn the same as my fulltime job before, but now a part with Fennabee.
  • I did a crowdfunding for screenprinting and smashed it.
  • My last blogpost lead me to start a civil action group for slow driving -respecting the speed limit of 30 kilometers an hour- in my city. We organised a fight, put pressure on the city council with some actions and I am became a columnist about mobility in Antwerp (that city 🙂
  • I started hurdling and became regional and national champion on the 400 metres hurdles in my 40+ women age category. And I love hurdles! It’s fun! Never would’ve guessed I could learn & love a totally new discipline at this age.
  • And also a very sad and intense start of the year: my mum got cancer and died, and since then I’ve been grieving. That’s not what I expected it to be: not constantly, but it’s a big loss that often comes in my mind.


From drawers block to black & white

In the midst of all this, I found myself having a ‘drawers-block’. So, after reading Austin Kleon’s ‘Keep Going’ book, I started looking for something to call the muse every day. I just took a black brush pen and a small sketchbook. I started drawing every moment I had to wait: on the train, in coffee bars… And I rediscovered my drawing joy TOTALLY!

In the city

Especially the train ones are great.

In trains & stations

In my house

Lilla Rogers said it in one of her courses: draw what you love. And I (re) discovered: I love the city life,  I love people. So I prefer drawing in the city and on the move: trains, stations and coffee bars are my favourite spots to sketch.

I already had lots of nice conversations with people seeing me drawing.

One problem: my brànd is ‘colors’ – and now I’m only drawing in black and white? What is that about? 🙂

So i coloured some of the drawings in. But that’s of the next post…


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