Mail Art

Somewhere in April 2013, I started to write to my friends, because I have no time to see them – now that I am one of those working mothers… ‘Real Mail’ is so much more thrilling dan e-mail. I always love a personal card from someone. It’s a genuine and heartfelt token of appreciation.

And I love doing, making and giving it. Drawing and sending words out. Sending out. Before I knew, I was frantically searching penpals (because my friends also work and have kids and are joyed with my letter(s), but have no time to reply me 🙂

And then I discovered this whole MailArt Community. I started Postcrossing, SendSomething and joined the International Union of Mail artists. Going to the post office for international stamps. Folding envelopes and shop online for washitape.

Really, don’t start this, it’s addictive. But if you want mail of me… send your postal address to Who knows, I’ll squeeze some time out for you…;) (Oh, and comfortably this is also called Snailmail. I WILL send you something and answer your letters – but not tomorrow :).

Here are most of then letters I send since I started in April 2013.

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