De Vaartkapoen

I worked for four years for De Vaartkapoen in Brussels as external communications manager. In my job I also illustrated (& graphically designed) for the following projects:

  • Vk*-Guide> My first assignment was to make a document to explain all the different activities of the organization to the public. I interviewed all the different services, made illustrations, did the graphic design and production of the A5-booklet.
  • The Vk* ‘Mindmap’ > ‘Fenna, put all we do on one A4!’ Now, that kind of challenge I like. For this rather complex, multifaceted, multi target-group reaching organisation I worked it out like this:



  • De oVerkant > I did for four year the layout & redaction work for this local newspaper, that was sent to +/- 5.000 inhabitants every six weeks! This was the first edition under my coordination:



  • ‘Molenbeek-Kwartet’ > The ‘kwartet’ is a card deck about the local hotspots, to fundraise infrastructure works. I illustrated two series of four, and did the graphic design for the whole deck of cards:


  • Vk*Schoolprogrammering> yearly A4-booklet with educative cultural year program for schools in Brussels. First edition had two illustrations of me:

schoolprogr08 schoolprogr082


  • And to conclude, a few event posters,with digital and traditional illustrations, all printed on A4 to A3:




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